A Faculty Professional Development Model for Iranian Research Organizations


Javad Pourkarimi(Assistant Professor in ICDS Research Center)

Zahra Farhangi



Faculty members are the very important in research and educational organizations. Attention to faculty members means attention to human resources in organizations and will lead to better accomplishing the organizational goals. The main goal of this article is presenting a professional development model for the faculty members of research organizations (case: ACECR[3]). For this purpose we have used both quantitative and qualitative research methods, therefore the research method is a mixed method. The tools used are interview (in the qualitative section) and questionnaires (in the quantitative section). Firstly by using the qualitative method of the Grounded Theory and by interview 17 faculty members we surveyed the compilations in the faculty professional development with a conceptual model. The conceptual model used in the qualitative method was examined by researcher designed questionnaires which were given to 248 faculty members. Structure Equation model (SEM) and the Lisrel software were also used in this research. Findings show that for having faculty professional developments six components need to be considered. These components are as followed: research development, professional service development, scientific publication development, ICT development, English language development and teaching development. The results of Structure Equation model show a fitnessof the model for the faculty development. 

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