The Relationship between Creativity and 

Achievement Motivation of Iranian Teachers 

 Dr. Javad Pourkarimi . Assistant Professor, Tehran University (

Azar Ahmadi  . MA in Adult Education and teacher in Tehran school

Akram Noori. Teacher in Tehran school


The present study aims to examine the relationship between achievement motivation and creativity of teachers in schools in Tehran. For this purpose 205 Teachers of primary schools in Tehran were selected and studied. This random sample was selected from Tehran schools and from these number 22.1 percentages is female and 77.9 percent are male. For data collection the questionnaire was used. Questionnaires were used was creativity offered by Rendseep in 1979 which is a valid tool to measure organizational creativity and has a high reliability, the reliability (by alpha coefficient) of this questionnaire in this study is calculated to be 0.86. Hermen's questionnaire for measuring achievement motivation was used. The reliability of this questionnaire in this study is calculated to be 0.54. For data analysis, multiple regression methods were used. The results suggest lack of relationship between achievement motivation and Creativity, however, it was found that by the separation between men and women in the women's component motivation predictability hasn’t creativity, but about men this predictability exists.  Meanwhile, from the component forming Motivation the ability to predict creativity has only hardworking component and Beta coefficient is calculated for the hardworking component is(β=0.419) that is high level of significance (α< 0.0 39).

Keywords: Achievement Motivation, Creativity, Teachers.